We are expanding at a fast pace with data offerings across the geography of the entire Africa.
Currently we offer services in the following countries:

Algeria, Botswana, Egypt, French West Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Zambia.

Perspective on Africa Offerings


Data Coverage

We focus on 3 areas, when assisting our Africa clients:

Expand information footprint

Data offerings with fast time-to-market and customization to individual client needs.

In-country delivery for Technology and Services

Growing local expertise enabling in-country delivery for IMS classical Consulting & Services offerings, + Technology leveraging the Cegedim acquisition.

Data Collection as a service for pharma & NGOs

“One-stop shop” for data collection, serving needs of both pharma and public sector.

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We have supported clients in Africa, in addressing a number of key issues:

“Where to play”: geographical prioritization

What should be our geographic priority by country to establish presence in Africa? ...

• Country profiling & screening for high potential countries/areas

• Detailed characterisation of specific country/ regional dynamics

• Country prioritisation based on company portfolio and growth strategy

“How to win”: market entry strategy

What is our business and partnership model? ...

• Understanding hurdles in the path to market (e.g. registration) and path to patient (e.g. unregulated mark-ups)

• Developing and implementing market access strategies based on stakeholder landscape

• Understanding need for strategic partnerships and local business practices & potential risks

Go-to-market strategy

How can we improve our current set-up? How to best succeed in the market?...

• Addressing differences between public and private payer channels

• Define and implement the commercial approach and structure

Supply chain optimisation

Commercial and Marketing Excellence

How can we improve our clients understanding and focus? ...

• Deep understanding of physician and pharmacy behaviours and needs

• Customer and account profiling, segmentation and targeting

• Optimisation of promotional effort

• Optimisation of territory deployment

Performance measurement and improvement

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